Video Lessons


You don’t need to be an advanced (or even intermediate!) Piano player to be able to play beautiful music – you don’t even really need to know how to read sheet music! If you feel stuck in a playing rut, then below are some Piano lessons that should give you some ideas, inspiration and tools to get you started with playing your very own beautiful piano pieces. Although learning an instrument isn’t meant to be easy, playing beautiful piano music can be simple and very gratifying.

Watch and learn from these Piano lessons below

Lesson #1: A piano lesson on how to play epic and beautiful piano music using a simple exercise. Compose minimalist piano music that sounds epic, beautiful, and atmospheric. If you’ve always wanted to compose piano music and not sure where to begin, this may help inspire some ideas! Suitable for beginners.

Learn to play beautiful and epic Piano music using this exercise

Lesson #2: A piano lesson on how to play Arpeggios. Learn how to play arpeggios on the piano, and how you can use them to compose your own beautiful music (like Ludovico Einaudi!). I teach you how to play them, and give ideas to get you started composing your own piano music.

Use arpeggios to give your beautiful piano music movement

Lesson #3: This piano lesson is about how to compose beautiful and interesting Piano music based around a type of three-note chord in the right hand. Whether you use it for Piano accompaniment or just to practise improvising, I’m sure you’ll have fun with this simple and easy way to write piano music!

Play your own Beautiful Piano music using this 3-note idea

Lesson #4: In this lesson, I talk-through and demonstrate how I compose Dark, Gothic, Sad and beautiful music on the piano. I explain the characteristic features of this genre of music, and give ideas on how you can compose your own piano composition.

Play your own Dark, Gothic but beautiful sounding music on the piano

I hope these Piano lessons have filled you with inspiration to come up with your own Piano music that you can be proud to show off. Happy (beautiful) playing!