The Bitesize Piano Course: Laying The Foundations


Welcome to The Bitesize Piano Course!

I’m excited to share this with aspiring Pianists and Piano Teachers alike. I’ve created this book with simple layout and straightforward explanations in-mind – Bitesize Piano style! Upon trialing, I feel that this book is suitable for around anyone aged 10+.

I’ve composed many of the piano works myself, as well as hand-picking existing pieces to ensure that an eclectic range of genres are covered and explored, encouraging learners to develop into rounded musicians. The book introduces Bitesized topics in a logical order to understand the basics of notation, rhythm, time signatures, key signatures, chords, dynamics, articulation, and hand/body posture.

Upon completing this book, you’ll have an understanding of the basic foundations of music reading, theory and performance technique in which to build upon.

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Ebook Contents:

(72 pages)

  • The Piano Keyboard and Identifying the Musical Alphabet
  • The Backbone of Notation
  • Introducing Time Values, Rhythm and Time Signatures
  • Hand and Body Position
  • Introducing Notes in Bass & Treble Clef
  • The Importance of Counting
  • More Dynamics
  • Introducing a Scale
  • Articulation
  • More Bass Clef Notes
  • Accidentals
  • Hands Together
  • A New Note in Treble Clef
  • Chords
  • New Treble Clef Notes
  • Minor Scales
  • New Bass Clef Notes
  • Dotted Crotchets
  • Key Signatures
  • New Treble Clef Notes
  • New Key Signatures/Scales
  • Minimalism
  • Theory of Time Signatures
  • Alternate Endings
  • The Octave Higher Sign
  • Triad Chords
  • Lead Sheets
  • New Key Signatures & Beyond the Lines
  • The Octave Lower Sign
  • Part-Playing
  • Behind the Blues
  • Semiquavers
  • The Entertainer
  • Compound Time Signatures
  • Nocturne Op.9 No.2
  • Tips on Practising
  • Manuscript
  • Useful Video Lessons