Piano Lessons

Hello! Thank you for visiting. My name is Francesca Williams, and I’m a Piano teacher offering lessons at my home in Northowram, Halifax.


Price of one-to-one lessons (paid advance monthly):

*First 30 min lesson is free*

£60 per month for a 30 minute lesson per week

£90 per month for a 45 minute lesson per week

£120 per month for a 60 minute lesson per week

The price of lessons is on a pro-rata basis, for the cost of 45 weeks-worth of lessons spread out evenly between 12 months. Thus, there are 7 holiday weeks during the year accounted for in the cost in which there are no lessons, such as Easter, Christmas etc.

(£60 x 12 months = £720 ÷ 45 weeks = £16 per 30 minute lesson)

Lessons are attended at the same day/time each week.

*Sorry I do not teach in other people’s homes due to little availability. I’m afraid I also do not offer ‘voucher’ lessons.*

Watch the video to get a head-start with your FIRST Piano lesson!


“ I’ve always wanted to play the piano and decided to take the plunge last year. As a complete adult beginner, I didn’t know where to start, but Francesca breaks everything down into manageable chunks – from learning to read music, chords and scales, to actually playing a tune. I really enjoying learning to play and each week I feel like I’m improving, which is testimony to Francesca’s teaching style, patience and varied lessons plans.”

– Gemma

“I nervously started looking in to taking piano lessons to fulfill a life long ambition and after some research approached Francesca. From my initial contact to now, 7 months later, Francesca has been brilliant! She made me feel at ease very quickly and has proven herself to be an expert and passionate teacher. I have learned so much already and thoroughly enjoy all of my lessons.”

– Karanjit

“My daughter has been coming for piano lessons with Francesca for a couple of years now. She isn’t the most confident of children but with the help and tutoring she has received this as improved immensely. Couldn’t recommend Francesca highly enough.”

– Simon

“ I’ve been attending Piano lessons for 11 months and I have been enjoying my experience so far as I have learned more about the piano than I would’ve ever known. Francesca is great as I am autistic, and she manages to accommodate all my needs and is a great teacher. Without her I don’t think I would have ever learned to this extent.”

– Zamin

“My 12 year old grandaughter has been taking piano lessons a few months now and we both think Francesca is an Amazing teacher. She works at the students pace and makes them feel at ease and goes above and beyond our expectations to help her students. We highly recommend her to anyone considering taking lessons – you won’t get any better anywhere else!!!

– Gill

“Fantastic piano teacher, our children have been taught by Francesca for about 2 years now and they have learnt so much. They are working through their grades and Francesca somehow manages to motivate them and they love it! Highly recommend.”


“Really enjoying learning piano with Francesca, been about 18 months now, Francesca manages the pace well, no stress & the new location is a nice, comfortable and relaxing environment to learn in. I would definitely recommend Francesca for any age of learner.”


“I’ve found a teacher who really understands my learning aims. She pushes me to my potential, and I can’t believe the progress I’ve already made. I also have a great rapport with her, which makes the lessons that more enjoyable and relaxed.”

– Richard

“I am very lucky to have found Francesca to teach me Piano. She is very friendly, patient and understanding. I find her teaching very individualised, as she understands your needs and provides constant one to one feedback. She also provides a very pleasant teaching atmosphere in her studio. It’s a pleasure have lessons with her every week.”

– Satiavani

“ I came to Francesca as an absolute beginner. She is a friendly and patient Piano teacher who also ensures the lessons challenge me. I’m really pleased at how quickly I’m progressing, and this is largely down to Francesca’s teaching.”

– Paul

“I’ve always wanted to learn to play piano but was always afraid as I’ve never had any musical talent. Francesca is a great teacher in that she’s helped me to overcome my fear by providing an environment and teaching style that is challenging yet rewarding. In each session I feel like I’m taking massive steps forward and come out of the session feeling so happy! The lessons are really well structured and Francesca describes and teaches the practical and theory side in a manner that’s really easy to understand. Highly recommended if you’re wanting to get off to a flying start with the Piano and not feel intimidated.”

– Rakesh